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The Shaw-Olson Center for College History — also known as the College Archives — is one of three special collections housed in the second floor of the Rolvaag Memorial Library on the St. Olaf campus. The College Archives is a repository of historical materials relating to the founding and growth of the institution: correspondence, minutes, reports, publications, photographs, audio tapes, video tapes, artifacts and related materials. Principal donors have been administrators, faculty, staff, students and alumni of St. Olaf College.

The Archives was established in 1969. Gary DeKrey serves as Archivist and Jeff Sauve serves as Associate Archivist. They are assisted by several student workers.

The Archives’ collections currently occupy approximately 2,500 linear feet of shelf space. Materials are available for research by members of the St. Olaf community, visiting scholars and other library patrons. Photocopying facilities are available.

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First published in May 1903, the Viking was irregularly issued until 1929 when it became an annual publication. Because of a lack of student interest, volume 91 was the last annual issued in 2007. Notable publications include: the 1919 edition named Victory Viking, which was dedicated to the Oles who served in World War I; the 1932 edition, where Dagny Mellby ’33 served as the first female Viking editor; the 1950 diamond-shaped yearbook, which marked St. Olaf College’s 75th anniversary; and the 1969 boxed set of two volumes, which included a volume titled Faces and a second volume titled Feelings. Covers illustrated the social and artistic feelings of the students. Some included a derivation of a ship or a Norseman dressed for battle. Old Main is featured on several covers as is the college seal. Period art also adorns covers including the Art Deco style of the 1920s and 1930s and the graffiti-hippie culture of the early 1970s.

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History of St. Olaf College, 1874-1974
  • Joseph M. Shaw
Publisher Information:
  • St. Olaf College Press
Publication Date:
  • 1974
  • St. Olaf College -- History